I have posted a "question" (actually an app) on Stack Apps, and received two upvotes on it. Each gave me 10 reputation. This runs counter to every other Stack Exchange site - and, indeed, the Stack Apps help center:

You gain reputation when:

  • question is voted up: +5

I've also noticed questions (like this one) that have run up 26 revisions by the OP without any sign of auto-community-wikification (which normally kicks in at 10 revisions by the same editor). Something funny's happening; could someone explain what and/or why?

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    So, we gotta say +2 here at SA :) Nice Q and very good Answer it prompted, learned a couple of extra things.
    – brasofilo
    Commented Nov 3, 2013 at 21:04

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Yes, stack​‌apps is different from any other StackExchange site in a variety of ways:

  1. Most "Questions" are meant to be announcement / product pages for scripts, apps, and libraries.
    To this end, note:

    1. Stack Apps has special tags: , , and to facilitate posting tools that use the API and/or enhance Stack Exchange sites.
      These posts look like questions but they are not questions. In fact you will also see support requests, bug reports, etc. posted as "answers" -- without getting flagged or downvoted.

    2. Questions accept and use Magic formats. See "How to list your application/library/wrapper/script here".

  2. Tools have Special listings, unlike any other site. For example, see the script listing page. Note that many scripts have thumbnails and, often, custom blurbs:
    (Click for larger image)
    Listing page

  3. Stack Apps is its own meta site.

  4. The main page lists "Top Apps", not "Top Questions".
    (Click for larger image)
    Main page is different

  5. There have been other reputation exceptions for Stack Apps.

  6. Since "payload" questions aren't questions here, the Community Wiki switchover is relaxed.

In a nutshell:

  1. Here at Stack Apps, the main purpose is to post solutions for, or using, Stack Exchange sites.

  2. For coding ease, the question/answer format of other SE sites was shoehorned for this purpose, but "questions" properly tagged as , , or are not questions, they are answers and tools for public use. They deserve their full 10 points per vote.

    The Reputation help page should be fixed, for Stack Apps.

  3. The other questions on this site (that aren't announcing apps) theoretically should only get 5 points. But this is, no-doubt, not worth the trouble to try and code.


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