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StackExchange™ SuperCollider Freehand Circle™ Editor - [Now supported on EVERY StackExchange site!]

Update Jul 2015: The author is not able to update anymore. Use Freehand Circles Drawing Tool instead. Important: All SE sites (with one exception - see below) are now supported. Please ...
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Official keyboard shortcuts

This script is no longer necessary; please visit Announcement: Keyboard shortcuts are now integrated into the site for an updated status on this. Screenshot About This is the official keyboard ...
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SE Editor Toolkit

Looking for Maintainer I have not had the capacity to maintain this project in any meaningful way, but the source code is quite clear and reasonably well documented. If you would be interested to ...
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What's the next Script/App/Library of the Month?

PSA: We need more nominations! Now that we have a Community Bulletin, we use it to highlight questions (more precisely scripts/apps/libraries) which deserve to be highlighted. All we ♦ moderators need ...
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Change Unanswered tab to Review

About This is (allegedly) going to be implemented by the team sometime anyway. But just in case, and so you can play with it, here is a script which replaces the 'Unanswered' tab with 'Review'. NEW - ...
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Auto-Link - Add links based on personal keywords

What is this exactly? A script that helps with linking recurring recommendations and making answers more user friendly. You can provide a list of global keywords paired with a link and the script ...
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Math buttons for sites without MathJax support

Download View source or install (you will need a plugin like GreaseMonkey for this). What it does For sites that don't have MathJax support, but occasionally need math, HTML codes like ∩ ...
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QuickComment: comment shortcuts to cut down on tedium

QuickComment quick SE comments for quick SE people Description Tired of typing the same thing over and over again? Now, with QuickComment, you can type ";;linkonly" (for example) and have it expand ...
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Should we close questions which ask for feedback to go elsewhere?

For example, the maintainers of this app have requested that new feedback goes over GitHub instead of the answer section. I've seen at least one other case of this too. Essentially, Stack Apps answers ...
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Autonavigate/autocomment "close/flag offtopic" for MSO

On MSO, there are plenty of questions that should be on SO asked every day. The procedure with dealing with these is: Copy-paste boilerplate comment saying "This belongs on SO blah". ...
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User rename script

Keep tabs on the newest help vampires! This script was inspired by my not immediately spotting a help vampire - because of the user32984923874-style default name. It seemed like a good idea at the ...
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PLACEHOLDER - Makyen development & testing

This is a placeholder for me to do development, testing and personal use. The intent is that no applications will be released beyond my own use using the credentials associated with this placeholder. ...
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Comment Templates Context Menu, an auto-comments user script

If you are tired of typing the same comments into Stack Exchange sites over and over, you can use this add-on to insert any of your frequently written comments with a couple clicks. Installation ...