The API page about Stack Overflow for Teams says (emphasis mine):

Starting with the release of Stack Overflow For Teams, the Stack Exchange API exposes read-only access to data stored in private Teams.


In addition to all write methods, the following methods (and their /me equivalents) are not supported

However, the API methods listed under Articles on the main documentation page do talk about write operations:

Add/Edit/Delete Only available for Business Teams via the Teams API.

Can a staff member add some clarification to the documentation to what the actual situation is? Is it now possible to perform 'regular' write operations (e.g. ask a question) on Teams? Or are the Articles methods the only exception?

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API access and capabilities depend on the tier of Stack Overflow for Teams that you are subscribed to.

  • Free - No API access
  • Basic - Read-only API access
  • Business - Read and Write API access

The above applies to both Q&A and Articles (only available at the Business tier).

A thorough re-write of Teams API documentation is planned for the first half of next year.

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