When I looked through the StackExchange documentation, I didn't find any documentation describing the fields. I have to study the request and response for a long time in order to understand why this or that field is needed. Is there user or official API documentation that I might be missing?

All I found is https://api.stackexchange.com/docs

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The payload (both request and response) are described as Types.

You can switch the documentation page from category to type:


From there you find for example the Answer type

enter image description here

Note that the Green check mark means the field is part of the Default filter. Fields marked with a red-cross need to be added manually to a custom filter.

From the category view, the response and request objects are linked from the paragraph that explains the functionality of the end-point:

enter image description here

For the response types of the API it is important to understand the Wrapper that is a common across all responses, top level type that includes fields for errors, paging, backoff and the items collection itself.

If you use these types in a javascript/typescript setting with an IDE that has a language server, you might want to install the Stack Exchange API type declarations so you get intellisense/code-completion in your editing context.

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