Configurer UI with example options for several test userscripts


UserScripts Configurer is a shared configuration controller for UserScripters' userscripts.

How to use

Configurer is exposed as a global accessible via UserScripters.Userscripts.Configurer. To ensure the Configurer is done loading, including scripts are encouraged to listen to a userscript-configurer-load event on unsafeWindow before hooking:

unsafeWindow.addEventListener("userscript-configurer-load", () => {
    // it is safe to hook into the configurer now

To hook to the Configurer, call its register method with the name of the userscript as its single parameter:

const configurer = UserScripters.Userscripts.Configurer;
const script = configurer.register("Auto Review Comments");

The method will return an instance of Userscript to which options (if any) can be added by calling its option method with 2 parameters. The 1st is the option's name, the 2nd is its configuration. The configurer currently supports 4 types of options (type field):

  • text input
  • checkboxes
  • toggle switch
  • select

If you want to ensure a Userscript or an Option is registered only once, both classes have a has method that accepts a name and returns a boolean:

// ensure the script hasn't been registered
if(!configurer.has("my-script")) {

// ensure the option hasn't been registered
if(!script.has("my-option") {
    script.option("my-option", { type: "text" });

Option config interface (as well as the interface of the Configurer itself) is described by our Global Types type definitions package.

// text input option
        def: "Welcome to Stack Overflow",
        title: "Greeting text",
        type: "text",

// checkbox option
script.option("prefer-diff-view", {
    items: [{
        label: "Use diff view",
        value: true
    type: "checkbox",

//toggle option
script.option("prefer-diff-view", {
    direction: "left", // aligns levers to the left of the title
    selected: true,
    title: "Prefer diff view",
    type: "toggle",

// select option
script.option("style", {
    items: [
        { label: "Simple", value: "simple" },
        { label: "Full", value: "full", selected: true }
    title: "Reference style",
    type: "select",

Options can be added in bulk as a record of name-config pairs via the options method. An optional second parameter can provide shared config options:

    welcome: {
        def: "Welcome to Stack Overflow",
        title: "Greeting text",
}, {
    type: "text",

On value change, the Configurer dispatches a custom bubbling event on the registered script's container with the following detail:

interface ChangeEventDetail {
    name: string,
    script: string,
    oldValue: string | boolean | string[],
    value: string | boolean | string[],

The custom event can be listened to via the userscript-configurer-change event name:

window.addEventListener("userscript-configurer-change", ({ detail }) => {
    // do something with the change data

The Configurer uses a userscript manager-agnostic storage that also works with localStorage if manager storages are inaccessible.


The script is licensed under the GPL-3.0-or-later license.


Latest version: 1.5.1

Install | Minified


Version number means "last tested on":

Chrome Edge Explorer Firefox Opera
✔ 100.0.4896.127 - - - -

Supported userscript managers:

  • Greasemonkey
  • Tampermonkey
  • Violentmonkey


Author: Oleg Valter
Organization: UserScripters

Please, submit bug reports on the source repository.
Before adding a new one, please check if it hasn't been raised before.

You can also drop by to chat, we are a friendly bunch.


Source code is written in TypeScript.

Contributions are welcome, you can always submit a PR here.


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