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The recent design update to the profile page removed the ability to easily navigate to a user's network profile, even though they chose to hide their profile. Since that functionality is not always used for benign purposes, I wrote a userscript to bring it back, and add another profile link (to the chat profile) as well. This should make moderation a little bit easier.


The script can be installed via this link; source code can be found here.


Tested with Violentmonkey in Firefox on macOS, but it's likely to work on all browsers and platforms. (Please let me know if it doesn't!)


Post a comment or answer here, or create an issue/pull request on GitHub.

  • This doesn't seem to work for the Community user's profile on any site. For that user, can it be hardcoded to link to /users/-1 on the site's respective chat server?
    – gparyani
    Dec 13, 2022 at 23:02
  • 1
    @gparyani it was on my to-do list to fix this, but CodyGray got to it earlier ... it's fixed in version 1.2.
    – Glorfindel
    Feb 17 at 17:00


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