User profiles show post closed status on the "Questions" tabs, but not on the "Answers" tabs. As noted, partially by me, in Should “duplicate” and “closed” attributes be added to the answer log in user profile? it's undesireable to have to go through every link on the "Answers" tab just to see which ones are closed. This script brings closed status to post titles.

It works on

  • "Activity" ➝ "Summary" for both the "Answers" and "Reputation" areas.

    Note: Even with lengthy titles the closed status will still show.
  • "Activity" ➝ "Answer".
  • "Top posts" part of "Profile". Appending the status at the end of titles, like above.

How it works

It uses the Stack Exchange API to get post information.

If the remaining daily API quota is under 1500, it shows a notice:


Across the Stack Exchange network.


Should work with any user script manager in any major browser.
Tested with TamperMonkey using Opera.


GitHub | Install | Uglified


For bugs, please post here. Comments are fine too.


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