This script will enable all easter eggs in chat, namely:

  • Cthulhu

Send <(?:"[^"]*"['"]*|'[^']*'['"]*|[^'">])+> and quotes from this answer fly around your screen.

  • Console

Type rm -rf / and a console will show up and then fade away.

console with "rm -rf /" embedded in it

  • Assistant

If your message matches the regex /(?:^|[.!?:]\s+)(?:(?:how\s+(?:can|do)\s+i)\s+([^?!.:]+)\?|(?:i(?:\s+want|(?:\sā€Œā€‹+am|'m)\s+(?:wanting|trying)|'d\s+like|\s+would\s+like)\s+to\s+([^?!.:]+)(?:$|\.|ā€Œā€‹!)))/i (if you don't understand this regex, try "How do I learn regex?"), everyone's favorite paperclip will appear. Clicking on "Yes, please!" will take you to a Super User search for the query.

Clippy saying "It looks like you're trying to get this easter egg somewhere other than Super User.  Would you like help?"

  • Asteroids

Typing insert coin starts a game where you shoot the user profile pictures (including yours) to get points. Press Esc to quit.

  • Wheel of Blame

I need the help of a staff member to get this fully working because it only works in staff-only rooms. So far, it only enables the sound settings:

Sound settings with Wheel of Blame options


This is released with the GNU General Public License v3.0.


You can download the script from its GitHub repository, or use the direct download link.


This app runs with the Greasemonkey extension and is supported on all browsers that can install it.


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