This userscript restores missing/obsolete close-vote reasons to the close-vote dialog.

This script is in response to:

  1. A chat request where the poster used it in conjunction with a bug report.
  2. Requests, like this one, to restore/add the customary close reasons to Teams sites -- which currently only officially support closing as a duplicate?


  • Integrates with the standard close-vote dialog. But some of it is WIP, See the "Known issues", below.
  • Adds back close reasons taken from a few SEDE queries like this one.
  • Only Adds a reason if it is not already present.
  • Works on regular sites and teams sites (but I only have 1 team to test against).
  • The unofficial reasons are clearly indicated with warning iconography.


Screenshot of enhanced close dialog


This is a userscript that runs in your browser. It requires a userscript extension like Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey.

Install button: Install from GitHub


The code is on GitHub, in the BrockA/SE-misc repository.

Post bug reports and pull requests there. (Or below if you don't do GitHub.)

Known issues:

  1. Not yet sanctioned by the SE team. USE SPARINGLY, lest ye be banned.
  2. The "You have already voted to close this question" dialogs can't seem to get the non-standard close reason.
  3. The close-vote count is not updated on a successful close-vote. Reload the page to see that for now.
  4. Although it adds back the generic Off topic reason, the "off-topic because..." reasons are not supported yet -- if the site does not offer them natively. (Also, it might not be sensible to on such sites due to the way the reasons and ids vary.)
  5. Close-voting by low-rep users via flagging is not well tested. Seems to work, but if it glitches, I may not support it.
  6. Closing from review was not tested at all. If it glitches, I may not support it.
  7. Will not support Greasemonkey 4+. Use Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey, or equivalent.
  • The script no longer works as of today, as SE made changes to the close dialog. Can you please fix?
    – gparyani
    Apr 13, 2020 at 21:32


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