Stack Reminder allows you to save questions/answers to a special list, each with their own custom flag to remind you why you wanted the reminder in the first place.

This tool is a great resource when you are browsing around Stack Exchange, but cannot contribute until later. This will let you mark anything you would like to come back to later.


Stack Reminder hooks your reminder list into my API service, which will allow you to access your list from any computer, or even share your list with other people.

First, you'll need a user script manager, such as Tampermonkey.

You'll need to generate a free API key on the Stack Reminder backend, then install the userscript. Once the userscript is installed, it will pop up a prompt requesting your API key.

  • (Note: If you are greeted with the prompt "A userscript wants to access a cross-origin resource.", Please click "Always Allow Domain")*


This post has not been put on your reminder list, click "remind me" to add it

enter image description here

When you add a post to your remind list, you will get this option to input a note about it

enter image description here

This post has been added to your reminder list

enter image description here

Easily see how many reminders are currently in your list

enter image description here

View your reminders list, with a search bar and options to filter by site.

enter image description here

If you can think of any ways to make this better, let me know on GitHub or here in the comments.

This was written based on a users suggestion.

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  • Nice app but not working . I think new design change mess things.Can you review and fix that. – Shree Jan 3 at 5:32
  • @Shree What exactly isn't working? I just installed the latest reversion and it seems to be working okay. What browser are you using? Sorry for the inconvenience :( - Perhaps you could try reinstalling the latest version? – GrumpyCrouton Jan 3 at 13:37
  • @Shree Could you check your console for any errors? – GrumpyCrouton Jan 3 at 13:55
  • Console error 'console.log('Some other instance has a lock on ' + storageKey + ': currentLock:', currentLock);' . Some TM porblem I unstall and reinstall your app forget old API key and generate new key but TM cache that old key some where . Any solution ? – Shree Jan 4 at 3:32
  • I think so not sure ^. – Shree Jan 4 at 4:50
  • @Shree Huh, interesting. Clearing your cache should work if it's a key issue. I've never seen that error before, and can't find anything about it online. – GrumpyCrouton Jan 4 at 13:35
  • @Shree If the key that it has stored is not valid, it would request a new key automatically, because it checks if the key is valid before doing anything. – GrumpyCrouton Jan 4 at 14:07

I found the exact error which I faced:

cannot read property 0 or null

on this line when the script tries to attach custom DOM elements:

 site_options += '<option ' + selected + ' value="' + value.site + '">Show Only ' + value.site[0].toUpperCase() + value.site.substr(1) + '</option>';

And fixed that to check null before this line:

if(value.site != null)
site_options += '<option ' + selected + ' value="' + value.site + '">Show Only ' + value.site[0].toUpperCase() + value.site.substr(1) + '</option>';

Now it works.

  • Thank you! I'll fix this in an update – GrumpyCrouton Jan 9 at 13:44
  • 1
    As it turns out, this would have only been an error on the old version. This can no longer be null, I just wasn't storing the site name before. If you had old reminders set, it was trying to pull the site from the database but it was literally null. Anyways, doesn't hurt to check it first! :) – GrumpyCrouton Jan 9 at 13:48

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