This userscript is part of SOMU (SO-mod-userscripts)

Post Headers & Question TOC

  • Sticky post headers to help when scrolling long posts / comment threads
    • User, revision history, post timeline links
    • Clicking on middle area of post header scrolls to start of post (replaces URL hash)


  • Dynamic anchors for header-level text in posts

    • Clicking on header levels 1, 2, 3 will scroll to and replace hash in address bar, which can be copied/used to bookmark an important section in long Q&A pages
  • Sticky Question Table of Contents of Answers in sidebar below Featured Posts module

    • Answer score, accepted, user display name, indicates mods and deleted users, datetime

    • Sorted by current answer sort order (active/oldest/votes)

    • Clicking on answer links scrolls to start of post (replaces URL hash)

    • Toggle deleted answers in ToC


  • Sticky Candidate table of contents on election page





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Userscripts require Tampermonkey to be installed on your browser.

If you are on Android, your browser options are Firefox (recommended) or Dolphin.


This userscript is part of SOMU (SO-mod-userscripts)

Bug reports, Forks, and PRs welcome!


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