This userscript gives users quick key bindings to speed up the process of editing mathjax/chem/etc. into posts.

Example usage:

  1. Pressing Alt+I would insert \pi directly.
  2. Pressing Alt+R would insert \mathrm{} with the caret auto-placed in the middle. Pressing Alt-R again would unwrap the \mathrm{} back.
  3. Pressing Alt+R with some text pre-selected would insert \mathrm{text}, retaining the selection on the text. Pressing Alt-R again would unwrap the \mathrm{text} back to text, retaining the selection on text.
  4. Prepending Ctrl to any of the above keybindings will auto-surround the insertion text with $$ (or \$ on some other SE sites)

Do note that the key bindings, hotkeys, and there number and insertions are all completely customizable (absolutely nothing is hardcoded!) So, you can set it to insert \pi on Alt+A instead, or \ice on Alt+I instead.

Moreover, there are certain built-in keycodes like:

  • Alt-Z => dollar-ifying (text => $text$)
  • Alt-C => double dollar-ifying (text => $$text$$)
  • Alt-S => frac-ify (A/B => \frac{A}{B})
  • Alt-A => align-ify (image demo)

This also supports the pipe operator to place caret at a user-defined position. Read more on the GitHub page.

This userscript is easily extensible. If your site wants some custom functions to be implemented, please let me know below.

Install link

And view source.

List of default LaTeX commands

Keycode Command
Alt-I   \pi
Alt-R   \mathrm{}
Alt-E   \ce{}
Alt-W   \pu{}
Alt-T   \text{}

Alt-Z   dollarify
Alt-C   double dollarify
Alt-S   frac-ify
Alt-A   align-ify


This userscript expands the featureset of the previous userscript and has been built from the ground up - six years later!


Do whatever you wish to do, just don't sell this for money (but may use it in a commercial software's code) or state that you made it yourself. Do post here an answer if you do something cool with this :D


Post bugs or feature requests as answers below!


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