NOTE (2nd April, 2012): After an e-mail correspondence with DuckDuckGo's Gabriel W. I decided to take down this project (and remove it from GitHub) due to Terms of Service issues with aggregating search results. The short story: DDG aren't allowed to syndicate search results from external providers in other ways.

I will try to implement the "autocompleter" functionality some other way in the future, so I'll keep this page for now. But until then hang tight. ;-)

Sorry for the inconvenience.

DuckDuckStack - The Stack Exchange API Doc Autocompleter

The thumbnail screenshot

DuckDuckStack is a user-script that extends the Stack Exchange with an API docs autocompleter, powered by DuckDuckGo. It is a Greasemonkey user-script and should run on Firefox and Chrome.

In Chrome you will need to also install the Tampermonkey extension as the script uses features that native user-scripts can't (more specifically @require and GM_xmlhttpRequest).


To use the autocompleter do the following:

  1. Start writing an answer on a Stack Exchange answer. To start using the autocompleter you type in api: which will open a list of available search tags should appear that will filter as you continue typing. You can move the selection with up/down arrow keys and select with the enter key. The search tags will group in related and unrelated tags.
  2. When you've selected the search tag it will auto-insert it into the text like this: api:[search tag]:. After this you can write a search term which will let the user-script do a relevant site search in DuckDuckGo and list them.
  3. When you've selected the search result you want it will auto-insert the link into your post.

The screenshots below shows this three step flow:

API Doc Completion Flow

The token that the script reacts on looks like this: api:[search tag]:[search term].

Supported Search Tags

The following tags are currently supported in the user-script:

I'll add more if there are any requests for such.


Download link removed for now. See note above.

Feedback and bug reports

Feel free to drop some comments below and bugs are great if you enter them into the bug tracker at GitHub.

License and Credits

The user-script is licensed under the MIT License.

It requires jQuery and the jQuery Caret Plugin which is loaded by the user-script. The logo is DuckDuckGo's.


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There seems to be a bug:

enter image description here

  • Yes, there seems to be a bug in the code. Reproducable in firefox, I'll try to look into it when I can during the weekend and see if I can debug and find the issue.
    – Spoike
    Commented Mar 30, 2012 at 21:58
  • This should now be fixed in v0.2 and should work in the latest firefox
    – Spoike
    Commented Apr 1, 2012 at 9:11

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