This post is to ensure the bot described can use the API with a key ; it can search questions from any SE website

This bot is still in development. However a stable version is already running 24/7 (and already on a few servers), which you can invite from here

It can evaluate code (don't worry, outside of it, and using a safe API) in for the moment 580 languages (the amount keeps increasing, slowly), a list being available on the Github as well as the documentations and references already available. Indeed you can, from Discord, search through documentations like the C++ one and even display pages of references like Debian man pages or HTML tags.

Here is an example of code execution in Kotlin : Screenshot from discord, showing command run and bot's answer

To avoid blocking, the API used also limits time and resources given to a program

Another example, of searching through documentations : Screenshot from discord, showing command doc and bot's answer

And another last example, of displaying a reference : Screenshot from discord, showing command ref and bot's answer

The source code is licensed under MPl 2.0. You can freely add it to your Discord server.

Note : its prefix is do with a space behind


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