I have published an app and editing it. One new "Rev" tab is created and it is giving me a dropdown as shown hereenter image description here. Why it is being created here? It is not created in any other Stack Exchange websites when we edit question. Is it related to

<!-- version: 0.0 -->

as explained here: How to list your application/library/wrapper/script here?


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This is either a bug or an incomplete feature. See:

This extra dropdown seems to require:

  1. That the post have had previous edits.

  2. That the page mode editor is invoked.

    1. This editor is the default for low-rep users under at least some conditions. (low rep still being less than 2000, best I can tell).
    2. High-rep users can invoke this editor by control-clicking on the edit link.

  3. The presence of the <!-- version: 0.0 --> comment makes no difference.

  4. Replicating this is a little flaky for me. There might be another factor involved.

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