I had a bug reported to me that I was able to reproduce. When authorizing to my Badges webapp, we get the following error:

error: invalid_request
error description: OAuth request must be over HTTPS

However, I checked and the request URL is:


...which appears to be using https:// as required.

I haven't touched the app in months, so unless something has changed and I'm oblivious, I'm not sure how it could be my bug. Could someone take a look and give some guidance?

  • Even the API documentation fails with the same error, so it must be an internal problem.
    – Tim Stone
    Commented Oct 27, 2013 at 16:57

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We moved from nginx to HAProxy for our SSL provider this weekend as part of a larger rollout. In the move, we shifted our header checks to the now de-facto standard SSL protocol header. While I thought I fixed all the apps relying on the old header and standardized everything internally, stackexchange.com was left out and thought your auth requests weren't over SSL anymore.

I just deployed a se.com build that resolves this, requests should now be working correctly.


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