I've been using the Stack Overflow for Teams API for a while now, but since yesterday it stopped working for one of the Teams; that Team also wasn't listed in the Applications (https://stackoverflow.com/users/apps/<user-id>) section anymore.

No big deal, so I decided to regenerate the token, by visiting https://stackoverflow.com/oauth?client_id=<client-id>&scope=read_inbox,no_expiry,write_access,private_info,access_team|stackoverflow.com/c/charcoal&redirect_uri=https://www.example.com (where www.example.com is my OAuth2 Domain associated with the app). I got a code in the redirect, executed curl -d "client_id=<client-id>&client_secret=<client-secret>&code=<code>&redirect_uri=https://www.example.com" -X POST https://stackoverflow.com/oauth/access_token and received a new access token. Yet when I use it, in the same way as before, I get an error message as response:

{"error_message":"Access token sent over non-HTTPS request, it has been invalidated","error_name":"access_token_compromised","error_id":406}

How is this possible, since all URLs (including the API call itself) are made over HTTPS?

FWIW, calls made using regular (non-Teams) tokens still work.


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Teams API access still works for me. Does it still fail for you? There were some recent hiccups.

If it still fails, reset your Client Secret and try again.

You didn't provide an MCVE. What API route did you call, for example?

(Might be that some combination of calling unsupported methods can sometimes lead to that error. Note that all of write_access is not supported, for example.)

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    It seems to be related to the hiccup; when I try it again today, it works as expected.
    – Glorfindel
    Commented Mar 5, 2019 at 18:20

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