As I couldn't find any Chrome extension fitting my needs, I started a QML app to provide just what I need, here it is : StaQover can view a profile by name, and show reputation history and badges !

ATM it is not a standalone app, but the persons who are using Qt5 SDK can test it using the qmlscene tool in this SDK to launch the .qml file.

Screenshot of the app

You can download the QML file on my DropBox here :

QML application file


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New release : now it can handle all Stack Exchange network !

Screenshot of new release

Still the same link to download


Another release :

  • bug/perfs fixes
  • graphical enhancements
  • now shows more info about user
  • tells when user is not found on the current site

Screenshot of the last version

Here for downloading


Yet another release :

  • fixed badge counter (take in account multiple time same badge)
  • make multiple awards appear on badge
  • summary of gold/silver/bronze
  • text layout enhancement
  • some bug fixes
  • a time count for next refresh (in geeky way)

Enjoy !


You can now download the new releases with C++ launcher included on Gitorious :

git clone git://gitorious.org/staqoverme/staqoverme.git

For web interface : https://gitorious.org/staqoverme/staqoverme

Enjoy !


New release !

  • brand new UI
  • now show recent activity
  • can get the last 100 items in each category instead of 30 previously
  • now shows more networks

enter image description here

Source code on Gitorious (see previous posts)


New release available on Gitorious :

  • lot of fixes, speed enhancement
  • a geeky and eye candy clock for refresh countdown
  • a nice reputation graph as list header !
  • the C++ launcher and resource system for easy deploy and use
  • trick to remove antialiasing on phones (to avoid glitches)

The mandatory screenshot

Link to the source repository


I've been a long time without updating my StackOverflow client. So now it's done : new UI (looks liek my other apps), new features (full post/comments view), and better graphics/perfs...

Code is on https://gitorious.org/apps-4-me/staq-me

And the mandatory screenshot :

Enjoy !

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