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Screen Capture of "public beta duration" text


This script was created to address this Meta question: When viewing the Area 51 proposal for any site, this script adds a "public beta duration" block showing the length of the public beta.


The Unicorn Software License


Install version 1.1.0


Google Chrome / Greasemonkey / any other browser supporting Userscripts.


This was created by Josh's Socks, he can be contacted at socks -at- josh -dot- gitlin -dot- name, or via my website.


Written in JavaScript, uses jQuery and Stack Exchange API v2.0 (to get the launch date of a site)


To be honest I'll never need this but it uses jQuery so it must be awesome. Good Job!

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    Haha, thanks Jacob. It's useful if you want to compare how long each site was in beta, for example to plan how long it will be until existing beta sites launch. – Josh Feb 14 '12 at 21:42

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