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Apigee API Consoles make it easier to learn, explore and test APIs by letting you browse all methods, send and view request/response pairs and share what you are seeing with others.

We just added support for the Stack Exchange API and hope you will take a look and let us know anything we're missing, feedback, etc. We also added a few other "geeky" APIs for your holiday hacking you should check out - Github, Face.com, Google Prediction and others :) All APIs we support can be found on http://apigee.com/providers


All Apigee Consoles are free to use and to create!




Should support most browsers though we have seen some small issues with IE - if you see any browser compatibility issues, let us know!


API Consoles are made by the team at Apigee. You can contact us at console@apigee.com, here or on Twitter (@apigee), or follow us on Github.


The Console is driven by a WADL document. You can find our WADL library on Github.


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