As I have already many threads in some StackExchange sites, sometime I would like to be able to search among them, for instance, based on some key words.

Does anyone know how to do that? Thank you!


The API v2 provides support for /search:

http://api.stackexchange.com/2.2/search?site=[site]&intitle=[search string]

If you want to constrain this to your posts, v2's /search/advanced path allows you to filter by user, or by basically anything else:

http://api.stackexchange.com/2.2/search/advanced?site=[site]&title=[search string]&user=[your user ID]

Beware - /search calls the title parameter intitle, while /search/advanced calls it title.


You can search any Stack Exchange site for some keywords using the /search method:

http://api.[site].com/1.1/search?intitle=[search string]

According to the usage documentation, the intitle parameter is:

A string that must appear verbatim in the title of a question

Here is an example URL:


Notice that all of the responses contain the string install firefox in their title.

  • 1
    Thanks... what if I just want to search among my posts?
    – SoftTimur
    Oct 16 '11 at 16:26
  • @SoftTimur: Unfortunately there is no way of doing that at the moment. Oct 16 '11 at 16:28
  • 1
    @SoftTimur, you should post a feature-request for more search options,
    – Jonathan.
    Jan 14 '12 at 19:39

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