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A super simple script that adds a review link to the top link bar.


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Has been tested with greasemonkey/Firefox on Mac OS X SnowLeopard and Windows 7, but I don't see why it shouldn't work with other combinations of browsers/OSes (famous last words).


2010-03-03: Fixed a bug that removed a separator between chat and meta links.


You can contact me at byskov (at) gmail (dot) com or right here on this page.


I would like to attribute Nathan Osman, the author of the excellent copy link script, since I have borrowed the function-injection code from him.

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    This has since been part of the site. Is it still useful? – tshepang May 31 '11 at 18:01

Nice script, I like this! One suggestion though, if I may.

.append('<a href="/review"> review </a>');

This makes the link extend farther than it should because you are using a space inside the <a> tag to give it the proper distance from the separator bar.

misbehaving spacer

Instead, you should put a space before the <a> element, like this:

.append(' <a href="/review">review</a>');

Then, the space will not be part of the link, but the text will still be the correct distance from the separator.

better spacer

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