This is a fork of Samuel Liew's DeletedUsersHelper userscript. It's a script for moderators only.

The purpose of this userscript is to simplify bulk-deletion of AI-generated posts as per the bookend policy.

How it works

The script adds a button at the top of the user's Answers tab:

enter image description here

By clicking the button, a checkbox is appended to each entry in the answers list, as well as a Delete button.

enter image description here

The moderator can tick any number of checkboxes and then click "Delete selected". This will prompt for a final confirmation indicating the total number of answers that will be deleted, then it will automatically cast delete votes on each of the selected posts.

Known limitations

  • The script doesn't currently allow to bulk-undelete.
  • The script doesn't check if a post is locked.


Bugs, requests

You can post bugs or requests in the script repo.


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