I usually scroll to the bottom in Stack Overflow looking for interesting questions to answer. Hence, it's pretty annoying to see the footer since it doesn't contain any useful content beside the "Data" and "API" tabs, so no useful content in the footer, so I've decided to remove it.


You can install the userscript, minified, or unminified.


If you don't want to remove the footer on a specific Stack Exchange site, you can modify the x array to add any URL of any Stack Exchange site as a String.

const x = ["https://stackoverflow.com", "https://stackapps.com"];

The footer won't be removed on Stack Overflow and Stack Apps.


The userscript should work across all modern browsers and all userscripts managers.


If you meet any problem, it's best to write an answer below with a screenshot of the problem, browser version, userscript manager name, and version for testing purposes.

Feature requests are also welcome, but I tried to make the userscript work for all people.

Contributing is also welcome - if you can improve the code, or add some new features.


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