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iMacros ("Advanced") User... => "= Super-SME" for 'SO', ah-ah...!
(And Forum Moderator on the (iOpus/Ipswitch/Progress) iMacros Forum)

[2022-03-01]: Back after a 6-week "Hiatus" after getting a bit fed up from some Chat-Room, trying to "get some Help" to handle some VLQ/Duplicate Thread...

When asking a Qt about , check the 'iMacros' Tag-Wiki for the min-Reqs and required Tech Info for me to answer it...
(I wrote the Tag-Wiki myself and it's currently "up-to-date". (Decb 2021).)

"FCI" = "Full Config Info" (=> iMacros + Browser + OS with all 3 Versions + 'Free'/'PE'/'Trial'/'Full')
I usually don't answer at all if FCI is not mentioned... (I apply the Forum Rules from the iMacros Forum to answer Threads on this Forum... (Except about external Pix Hosting Servers for Screenshots.))

Mostly active on the iMacros Forum (10,000+ Posts, 2,000+ Answers) as I find the Quality of Threads/Qt's on SO (for iMacros!) pretty low usually... + I don't like the "Reputation" System here... + Too many Users delete their Qt/Thread once they get their Answer/Script working...

.+ For iMacros Qt's, I (ethically) don't help for Social Media (Like/Follow/Comment/Chatbot/etc...) + Games/Votes/Competition/Spam/Hacking/DDoS/Captcha/Bitcoin/Financial Win/Scalping...

I only follow the 'iMacros' Tag (correct Spelling btw...!!) and only come to this Forum when I receive an Email Notif that some new 'iMacros' Qt was asked, or if I follow some specific Thread/Qt...

I don't care about my "Monopoly/Unicorn-Points" (= Rep on this Site) and regularly downvote...! I care about helping Users who do their best and "really" get stuck..., and to promote Quality and Good Practice, and I get that "Satisfaction" on the iMacros Forum, but very-very rarely on this SO Forum/Site...

And this whole Site is way too Buggy for me anyway, ah-ah...!
(Only half of the Functionality works in my Default Browsers (PM v26.3.3 + FF55), and that keeps changing every 2 weeks, so I usually always have to use some FF/CR Browser(s) that are luckily (still...!?!) supported by this poorly tested Site each time I want to up/downvote or post a Comment or Solution...) [Update 2021-12: The Site is not "usable" in FF55 anymore, now using FF95 (Portable) only because of 'SO', grrr...!]
And hum, I don't post "Answers" when I react to a Thread/Qt, I post "Solutions"...! (And very often in Comments only, when those "Solutions" are "trivial"...)

[Also Artist & DJ: I "see"/hear Music in Colours, I DJ/program/think in Colours (and Music) in some nD-Matrix Model, ah-ah...!]

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