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I'm a family and tech guy by nature, in my 40s, originally from Israel, currently living and working in NC, USA 'Triangle area'.

I've been around the industry for the past 20 odd years, mostly worked in Technical Support roles, and recently transitioned into DevOps, and loving every minute of it.

My pleasure comes from tinkering with software technology, usually loosing too much sleep because of that. Specifically:

  • Scripting and coding in general both on Windows (mostly PowerShell and C#) and on Linux (bash/zsh and PowerShell).
  • Running home systems with docker/docker-compose over Ubuntu and Arch Linux (really love ZFS on Linux). Now transitioning to TrueNAS SCALE.
  • Home-Assistant enthusiast.
  • A budding data-hoarder with 37TB of storage, with about 70% full. Hosting my own services (except email) for myself and family.
  • Technical Goal for 2022:
    • Self host my family's email (I finally looked into it, and it's not as hard as I initially thought).
    • Solve home-automation presence detection without burdening family members with additional gadgets.
    • Up my chezmoi game, start using comtrya, and need to master terraform on both gcp and aws.

Self appointed challenges I believe I've mastered:

  • Using PowerShell as my default Linux shell for over 2 years. I've blogged about it), but I'm not very good at writing.
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