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Good Morning Gamers!

I am a person who has many interests.

Main interests:

  1. Coding(mainly in python)

  2. Photography: I actually took my profile picture with a NIKON D500.

  3. Music(I play piano, violin, and recorder)


  1. Took a python course and got the verified certificate.

  2. Got a bounty.

Here is my profile picture for those of you who want to see it:

enter image description here

Here is another good photo of mine:

enter image description here

Note: I had to lower the quality of the images because SO doesn't allow anything over 2 mb. I am trying to make a website to showcase all my images, though.

My sole belief is that SO is full of junk mainly because new users are not educated on how the site works. I am working on making a userscript that is more interactive when users do something for the first time. But more on that later.