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I am a 17 year old high school student who mainly codes in the Python language. I also know HTML, CSS, and JS, and have taken Java courses at my local community college.

I used to moderate on this site, specifically during the covid times. I remember vividly, during zoom meetings in history class, I would be going through review queues , chatting in the chatrooms, answering questions on MSO and MSE (meta stack overflow and meta stack exchange), and participating in the charcoal project (Smoke Detector). It was fun at the time, but it's lost time that I'll never get back. I quit around 2022 for personal reasons, and the experience taught me better English, maturity (because I wasn't very mature in my interactions, I was a 14 year old), and the value of time.

My interest particularly lies in space research. Space research is a vast field, and I am experimenting with Python and AI and it's applications in astronomy. I capture my own astronomical data from my backyard and I use Python to aid in the stacking and processing of this data, however lately I've been looking into the usage of a supervised or even reinforcement learning model which can identify Poisson noise and other noise from gradients (full moon) and the gradients themselves, and filter them out through some sort of CNN (Convolutional Neural Network). My interest in astronomy spans beyond this but this particular aspect of it is what is relevant to computer programming.

In my free time I enjoy tinkering with Tkinter (get it?) and am working on a personal calendar app created mostly from scratch (only module I use is datetime which gives me the current date). It's proving much more challenging but I have a playlist dedicated to showing the progress I'm making (link coming soon) and the GitHub repository if you wish to try it for yourself:

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