Paulo Luan

My life in a few seconds: Javascript Developer (Pro - Node.js, React, React Native), Bodybuilder (More dedicated than strong), Table Tennis player (amateur), Entrepreneur and Cryptocurrency trader (Collecting losses and broken startups since 2016), Motorcycle lover (11 years of riding experience and 1 accident with total loss). Waking up every day at 3:27AM (there's no great results without great efforts). Transforming dreams into source-code since 2009.

Experience: ✔️ 9+ Years of Commercial experience in developing custom built web applications with NodeJS. ✔️ Write well designed, testable, efficient Javascript code; ✔️ Passionate self-taught and curious for creating and building things (and business); ✔️ Strong programming and debugging skills and always interested to learn more ✔️ Knowledge of the whole web stack, I understand how all the pieces fit together (front-end, back-end, web server, load balancer, database, network layer, etc.) ✔️ Experience working in teams that use Agile practices.

NodeJS: ✔️ Real World comercial production experience; ✔️ I Know how Node and JS works (Streams, Event Loop, PubSub, ES6, Async workflows etc); ✔️ Awareness of event driven and distributed architectures with Node; ✔️ Experienced with (and strong defensor of) Unit Tests (Chai, Mocha, JEST, stubs, spies, mocks) and Clean Code, TDD, CI; ✔️ Production small releases deploy experience with Continuous Deployment via CodeShip, PM2, Docker and Heroku;

ReactJS: ✔️ Real World comercial production experience; ✔️ Redux, Saga, Unit Tests with JEST, StoryBook ✔️ Experience building efficient components (avoiding re-renders) ✔️ Experience refactoring old class components to Hooks-based components

❌ Typescript: Probably TS is the future, It is on my Roadmap learn it, mainly to be prepared to use Deno.land (the TS Dinosaur); ❌ CSS (I don't know css yet, I can learn it quickly, it was just not my professional and personal priority);

I prefer to work as a Backend developer, but I have experience developing both backend (NodeJS, MongoDB) and front end (React).

Currently I'm focused on Reativa.dev, my programming school, In which I enjoy coaching other developers improve and develop their capabilities, through online Dev Guilds, code reviews, influencing on Instagram and doing 1-on-1's.

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