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I'm a Microsoft Identity architect, an Enterprise Mobility MVP and a Microsoft Identity evangelist.

I cover Azure AD, Azure AD B2C, ADFS, the ADAL and MSAL libraries and the Microsoft Identity Platform.

I'm also across WIF, SAML 2.0, OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.

I've also helped customers integrate with Auth0, Okta, IdentityServer4 and ForgeRock.

I have a passion for talking Identity and love whiteboard sessions..

I believe in the Auckland IT community and help run four user groups.

I also help to organise the Global Azure conference in Auckland.

I tweet regularly on Identity topics as @rbrayb.

I used to blog at http://nzpcmad.blogspot.co.nz but my new blog is at https://medium.com/the-new-control-plane.

My presentations: https://rbrayb.github.io/Presentations/

All my posts on Authory: https://authory.com/RoryBraybrook

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