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Richard Slater
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I started writing code on a second hand ZX Spectrum before I was 10, then over the years, migrated from the Spectrum to on Windows. Though college I picked up and ; University gave me the chance to work with and , had the time to pick up some , , , , and a few others along the way.

To make a living I am Principal Engineer with Amido, we are relatively small London-based Start-up working on and projects for some of the largest companies in the UK. I live and breathe which means I am a vocal proponent of best practices for our software development teams focusing on , Systems Thinking, Reducing Feedback Cycles, , and Cyber Security.

I have commercial experience with a wide range of technologies from to and from to in , and .

If you think you might recognize my name, then it is likely we have interacted through the tag, one of my open source projects or through my time as Lead Developer on EVEMon: A character manager for the MMORPG Game EVE Online. I'm a firm believer in and wherever possible I look to release code under free and open source licenses, you can take a look at some of my work on my GitHub, Amido's GitHub and

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