Probably in Dawg's waffle haus.

Work in Healthcare primarily developing automated technical performance/management information products.

Programming related interests include VBA, Python, Forecasting and Machine Learning. Dabbled with other languages including java, javascript, R, SQL.....

Hobbies include dancing, marine life, the sea in general, and the occasional dog-walking session.

Would love to be able to scuba-dive!

Links I commonly refer people to:

  1. How to use browser Find box to apply css selectors and find strings in html 1 , 2
  2. Understanding CSS selectors
  3. Practicing css selectors
  4. querySelector and querySelectorAll
  5. Finding xhr requests that feed a page dynamic content 1, 2
  6. HTTP methods
  7. CSS :nth - tester
  8. CSS selectors level 3
  9. CSS Sandbox
  10. Browser css test suite
  11. Mastering nth-child
  12. Selenium methods - benchmarking
  13. CSS v XPath benchmarking
  14. Re-arranging elements - js
  15. Using :not to filter lists

Links I always lose:

  1. Understanding Stack Exchange Data Explorer Schema
  2. Jon Skeet's checklist for writing a good question
  3. Test page for scraping
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