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They/them, please! I'm an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley and a moderator on Quantum Computing SE.


I'm currently doing research with the Quantum Devices Group at Berkeley.

Some personal projects include reading about spontaneous parametric down conversion and working on an experiment related to that - I've finished building a TEA laser, and am working on obtaining the crystals and other optics I need. I also finished the ideal half of a quantum computer simulator I'm working on - please feel free to try it out (it's on my GitHub)! I'm working on adding stuff that will simulate noise and decoherence in the qubits, and a few other features I'm planning.

I also recently fell down a delightful rabbit hole on shark intestines - turns out that the type of spiral intestine sharks have does not correlate to diet, so I'm teaching myself R and parts of phylogenetics to try to test different hypotheses for what the different types of spirals correlate with.


I always enjoy learning new things about Python and have been playing around with machine learning for a bit. I'm also starting to learn more about Lisp since parts of it were covered in a class I took in fall semester. I also enjoy DMing for a D&D game I run. Currently reading through a collection of Marlowe's plays - Tamburlaine is wild.

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