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Jake Symons

I'm a writer by trade

I'm a professional freelance writer available for any kind of writing you need. With a typing speed in excess of 100WPM and a flexible working-from-home situation, I have exceptionally fast turnover times.

I'm also a passionate advocate for mental health. When I'm not writing for clients or short stories, I am sharing my own story and giving my tips about mental health. Since I started having my own mental health problems I have been determined to help others like me, a quest which will never end.

What I do here

Email if you want to talk to me about anything related to the network.

I help out at Charcoal flagging and deleting spam across the network. I also scan the recent questions on many sites, mostly Stack Overflow and edit and flag where appropriate. I do ask the odd question, but mainly my work on the site is maintenance working in the background hence the low rep score. I mainly aim to make the site a better place, rather than getting a higher score for myself.

Network-wide flag count for 'Helpful' flags: 3100

Thank you for reading this far down :)

I would say programming is definitely a hobby at the moment. Studying for 4 A levels, running my own freelance writing business and working an additional job on the side means that programming is mainly done within the confines of my A - Level coursework

I am a Raspberry Pi enthusiast although my projects completed statistic is in single figures at the moment.

Anyway, that basically sums it up about me, if you bothered to read to the end, thank you :)