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I'm a currently a web developer, both at work and in my leisure time, where I'm also coding full-stack web applications using Python and Flask. From time to time I'm also playing video games and managing my servers (multiple websites and game servers), but nowadays I mostly spend times with my friends.
Also I'm an known regular and reviewer on SOBotics.

If you want to talk to me, don't hesitate to ping me in chat either on SOBotics or in the HQ of my bot, CheckYerFlags HQ, even if I'm not there.

For personal messages, you can write me an email to Please don't send me your question over to that address (I will not respond to them), instead, invest some time and ask a good question here.

My motto:

Think outside the box!

My Projects

The progress here has stalled quite a bit, but nevertheless, I'm trying my best. The currently biggest thing is my Knowledge Base blog, where I post useful code snippets and tricks, other stuff related to coding and managing servers and game modding. Beside that, I'm maintaining my first flask app released to the public, Rank Overflow a website to calculate your top 1% this week badge (also month, quarter, year periods as all-time are supported), but I plan to make an extension soon with a score board for flaggers in SOBotics. For said chat room, I also developed a bot called CheckYerFlags. This bot allows the users in the room to quickly check their helpful flag count and will get a ping if they reach a certain flag count (e.g. 10k), which they soon also can set themselves. This bot runs in SOBotics.

Can I use your code/posts?

TL;DR: Yes.

Please consider any (original) code I post to Stack Overflow and other Stack Exchange sites to be released under CC-Zero unless stated otherwise. You may do whatever you want with it (excluding plagiarism and reposting here on SO) and don't have to credit me in any way, although of course that would be nice.

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