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I Recently Created a Personal Website

Please visit and suggest topics you would like to know more about.

Download my latest app for a fun VR Experience.

Check it out at:

I'm big on documentation: retrofitting or blazing trails - everything needs to be documented, or it won't be understood or re-used. Reuse lowers costs and stress.

History: M.S. in Computer Science. Polyglot. Swedish and German (near native) Intermediate Spanish. Studied abroad for 3 years.


Mainframe operating system support, Corporate Email, and Corporate Finance IT, Middleware, OpenPages, Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance IT/Finance support (AVP and Assistant to the Director of Sarbanes-Oxley at State Street Corp.)

Current Development

Have written many iPhone apps for personal use. Mostly to explore technologies:

  • Swift Composable Architecture, Jazzy, Swiftlint, ARKit (navigation by "nose position"), CoreData, RealmSwift, Concurrency, WebViews, Charting (iOS Charts), Alamofire (concurrent downloads using operation queues), Animation, Bezier Paths, EventKit

I currently Program mostly in SwiftUI but am up to date on Objective-C and UIKit.

Would like to eventually manage a group of iOS developers, but am happy to start as an intermediate iOS developer.

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