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Individual asexually replicating protiens figured out partial derivative and gradient ascent with only a few dozen shape shifting molecules, an arm and a nose emerged from the cell, and with those two, you only need one decider protein. If get better keep going if get worse go back. This is the origin of brains.

Neurons in brains took a billion years to refine the above into the partial derivative of an N dimensional array with respect to a direction yields the slope of a tangent line to a point on a curve. If the 2d surface is wrongness, the slope points where to go to be less wrong given context. An array of slopes nudge the model until convergence. Pipe unseen observations to the fitted model then do RMSE, rank order using tournament and genetic algorithm. I suspect there are tiers of fractals of this happening in 5, 6, nay 7 dimensions of freedom in brains

That Calculus 2 is happening in the molecules of cells and causes life to get noticeably better after every generation. There's a vector dot product, matrix multiplication, root mean squared error, Bayes rule for stacking and consolidating probabilities, voting, genetic algorithm. Neurotransmitters mark results of cellular tournament brackets (Babies need 9 months, not a week at the speed of fungi) defense of checkpoints from loss and crossover policy to splice what worked best from left and right, now you have a new copy that could potentially have all the best adaptation discoveries from two genetic lines

Human DNA has a hyperlinked partition table. When punctuated equilibrium is tripped to full throttle, whole organs and limbs get replaced with what is maximally keyed to survival. The brain monitors its own start/stop indices keyed to correlations that are marked by brain as MVP for leaving copies, and changes the segments of the DNA via sperm-datafile, egg-Emulator, and egg-datafile following the partition tables of function and probability. You have 7 failover-backup teeth for every system on loss, taking over critical tasks who self-rank like teeth on a chainsaw blade, like men formed testudo, man on the cutting edge changes places with the rested man in back, every procreation rotates this arrangement so that first is second, 2->3 n-> 0. Adding and removing whole sections of the chainsaw blade during procreation

By mirroring the behaviors above in software simulations and applying it to dominate every conceivable game in narrow domains and later larger domains without human help, at some point in the next thousand years it will turn its evolution pipeline inward, as life did, then hybrid evolve to become the first mover of the dense lump at the beginning of everything, to once again choose the straightest N paths to create a universe

Life will evolve into metal in the same way bacteria evolved to make its hull out of wood

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