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Building Tomorrow's State-of-the-art AI with DeepBrainz aka DeepBrainz Intelligent Systems: A Future Revolutionary AI Startup Influencing World Industries by Cutting-edge Technologies for "Empowering Humanity" through R&D, Innovation, & Breakthroughs!

Innovator & Influencer!

An Objectivist: Entrepreneur Founder and CEO

Cheif Software Architect Machine Learning Engineer Data Scientist Principal Software Engineer (DevOps) AI Researcher Cloud Specialist AR/VR Coder Open Source Developer Ethical Hacker Competitive Programmer

The alumnus of Anna University & Cambridge School: Information Science & Technology Computer Science & Engineering Data Science & Engineering

Artificial Intelligence AI Machine Learning ML Neural Networks Deep Learning DNN CNN RNN GANs Deep RL

Computer Vision CV Natural Language Processing NLP Robotics Artificial General Intelligence AGI

Quantum Computing Blockchain & Emerging Technologies!

IT Business (Strategy) Management Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Python & it's all major Libraries Scipy Stack Scikit-learn TensorFlow Keras DeepMind Lab Sonnet OpenAI Gym Universe Baselines CUDA Hadoop MapReduce Spark Rstats ASF MXNet Other OSS

Google Cloud GCP MLaaS AutoML Cloud TPU Amazon AWS ML IBM Watson Microsoft Azure ML Apache Spark MLlib Hadoop Ecosystem

Big Data ML Hacking Substantive Expertise Mathematical Statistical Computational Quantitative Skills

Emotional Intelligence EQ/EI Psychology Decision Sciences

Intelligent Quotient IQ (Creativity) Logical/Analytical Problem Solving Skills

Critical Thinking Brainstorming Challenging Interpersonal Skills with all Competencies!

And above all, the key skill called "LEARNABILITY", will help acquire all the required skills of all the Emerging Technologies & Markets to pursue my DREAMS!

To be an asset to the organization by working with honesty and determination and have challenges as my duty and opportunity to achieve professional and personal growth along with the organization.

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