An iOS consultant / architect / engineer specializing in custom-designed, service-driven applications since 2008.

Over my career I had the chance to work with various local and global clients including Fortune 500 companies and Y Combinator startups. I have launched more than 90 apps in the App Store.

Besides providing development services to clients; I co-founded several startups and successfully exited one of them, I am a mentor in several incubators including Google Launchpad and I was lecturing in Bahcesehir University for 2 semesters, teaching Advanced iOS Application Development to senior students.

A bit more about myself:

  • Have comprehensive and in-depth knowledge in Swift and Objective-C. I started developing iOS applications in 2008 with the very first SDK using Objective-C. Later in 2015, with the release of Swift 2.1, I switched my stack completely to Swift and still pushing code to various repositories everyday.

  • A big fan of MVVM architecture and Functional Reactive Programming paradigm. I've given speeches and workshops about it in several developer meetings.

  • Using ReactiveCocoa framework since v2.0 actively in production (later with ReactiveSwift). Recently switched to RxSwift and used it in couple of production applications.

  • Have been in several technical and management roles in my career such as Senior iOS Developer, iOS Team Lead, Mobile Lead, Technical Team Lead, CTO and CEO.

  • Very experienced in RESTful and GraphQL API architectures. Both in planning and consuming them.

  • Have built couple of data-driven, companion applications using React Native.

  • Proficent in MERN (MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js) stack.

  • Experienced in Realm Database. An old interview from 2015: https://realm.io/blog/flows

  • Besides technical roles and coding, I mentor startups in various incubators, including Google Launchpad.

  • I was a lecturer in Bahcesehir University for 2 semesters, teaching Advanced iOS Application Development to senior students

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