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Looking for full-time remote job as a senior EmberJS dev, preferably with relocation perspectives.


At work I'm a passionate developer; strong supporter of best practices and patterns; serious about code readability, maintainability and scalability; believe in testing. On the scale from quick-n-dirty to slow-but-thorough, I lean toward the latter.

Off duty, I'm a loving husband and father, an avid debater, a board game geek, a retired recreational cyclist, a crazy Russian and an affable guy with a slightly twisted sense of humor.

I live in Moscow, Russia. Love working remotely from other beautiful places. Able to adjust to your timezone for partial or full work hours overlap.


Frontend development

  • Over five years in frontend development
  • Solid JavaScript skill, love modern tools, practices and patterns
  • Sass enthusiast
  • Highly experienced in Responsive Web Design, modular grids, mobile first, etc
  • Using a BEM-like methodology to scale infinitely and prevent style leaks
  • Not a visual designer


  • Over two years working exclusively with complex Ember apps
  • Have a gut feeling for the Ember Way and best practices
  • Focus on building robust, maintainable and scalable codebases
  • Strong believer in the Test-Build-Refactor cycle
  • Into testing: unit & user acceptance, work in TDD/BDD style, API/model layer mocking, CI
  • Experience with advanced features: polymorphic relationships, FastBoot, Concurrency, Element Queries, etc
  • Active member of the Ember community with humble open source contributions

Other tech skills

  • Proficient in using dev tools: git, terminal, SSH, Docker, package managers, build tools, StackOverflow/Google, etc
  • Linux user, not a DevOps guy but have basic sysadmin skills
  • Experience in distributed teams, SCRUM
  • Know Ruby and looking into Elixir
  • Active GitHub and StackOverflow profiles

Non-tech skills

  • Fluent English
  • Fast typist
  • Aware of own drawbacks and will let you know of them
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