React Native Developer & Full Stack Software Engineer

With a Data Science background

React/React Native + Express + Various DB's + Command Line Kung Fu

JS + ES6 + React + Express + Node

Formerly Ruby RoR & Related Architecture

Mostly JavaScript + Python these days

Data Science & Neuroscience Researcher (Robotics, AI & ML)

Primarily Python (numpy, matplotlib, pandas, scipy.stats, statsmodels, seaborn, etc)

and JavaScript using D3

Controlled most powerful magnet on the planet for neural imaging

Analyzed spatial information for motion disorders

Completed premedical coursework; love computer science, research & science

Arduino, Raspberry Pi and IoT (as a researcher and hobbyist)

Chrome Extensions

JavaScript (YouTube SpeedSlider)

Greatly appreciate your support and 5 star rating, check it out!

Comfortable Learning/Doing Most Anything

Feel free to reach out to me

I <3 c0d3 science