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Ph.D. in Mathematics. My specialty was guaranteed accuracy in numerical linear algebra.

I know and use different computer languages (at least 10). My favorite and mostly used languages are C#, C and C++.

I have intensive experience with Windows NT systems since October 1992 Beta of Windows NT 3.1. All time I tried study different Windows API and internals from both programming and administrative site. In 1993 was one of the first beta tester on Microsoft SMS 1.0 in Europa with visits of developers in Redmond and so on. Since the time I know good problems of software installation and deployment.

I worked a long time as IT consulting (for a large companies) for different technologies (mostly from Microsoft) in both back-end and front-end, but software development is my favor. Because of that I developed a lot of different tools for IT administrators. Since I have a daughter and later a son I implement mostly projects with software development to see more my family.

In software development I developed different stuffs from driver development, NT services development up to COM, DCOM, RPC development and different Network technology.

I have very broad spectrum of interest. Currently I mostly interesting in: WFC RESTfull services, ASP.NET MVC, Security, jQuery, jqGrid, JavaScript. I am s perfectionist and like to search and use for the best, optimizes technologies, which perfect match to the solving problem.

I like to find and solve problems. Complex problems I like mostly. My typical projects are on the edge between software development and complex IT requirements from the administrative side.

Since more as 10 years self-employed. My our small company is OK soft GmbH.
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