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My name is Hans Polak, I used to be the owner, cook, dishwasher, maintenance guy and web designer at 'La Casa del Holand├ęs' in Spain.

I have a master degree (MSc) in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence and specialized in Human Computer Interaction. That's the reason I choose GUI Junkie as my on-line personality (GUI stands for Graphical User Interface).

Thanks to cooking.stackexchange I'm becoming a better cook, and, to give something back, I've posted a number of improvement suggestions at MSO, some of which have been accepted.

I developed an opensource developers tool for SEO called <Schema Generator>, making integration easier. This was the first and most complete tool of it's kind and I still maintain it.

The open source code can be found at Github.

Also at Github, there's an opensource backup tool which uses tar and gzip in Linux to create backups of selected directories and files. The tool allows inclusion of directories, exclusion of directories, and it detects new folders.

Both tools were programmed in Python3.

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