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To Parking Master!

I make JavaScript webgames that mostly are the following genres:

  • FPS games
  • Car games

The future is unpredictable, but this list may be longer eventually.

What is Parking Master?

Parking Master is a 2D web game with a basic drawing of a car, where you have 5 buttons:

< >


Use the navigation buttons or arrow keys to move to the spot.

Press “PARK” when you think you’re there.

If you successfully parked, move on to the next level.

If you crash, restart the game.

I have started learning coding on May 30th, 2021, and have significantly learned about HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, jQuery, Python, a bit of C++, networking, IT, Raspberry Pi’s, computer hardware, and coffee.

To the present, I look back at that day all the time, when I picked up my broken iPad and wanted to learn about HTML.

Once I learned HTML (about halfway) I got interested in CSS. Then I saw some cool things you can do with Javascript, so I also learned about that.

And once I figured out how much I like coding, I wanted to learn some other languages too.

I have successfully built 7 games, 3 big projects, uncountable small projects, and 20+ websites from scratch.

I went from making a 2D square check if it’s parked, to building a reliable 3D realistic FPS game with a help system, chat, world chat, store, fully customizable settings, and a simply beautiful main menu design.

If you are inspired by my story of web development, then you should go check out the original project (that’s still available):

Thanks for checking out my profile.

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