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Questions about API methods that add or modify content on Stack Exchange sites. These methods must be invoked via HTTP POST.

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Tell us that POST is required to write

While troubleshooting /posts/{id}/comments/add in order to answer Why am I getting a 404 when trying to post a comment?, it was noticed that the API path in question only responded to POST requests. ...
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Allow registrant to use write access without linking Stack Apps post

Especially in light of the Flatiron School using the Stack Exchange API* as a part of a student-created program, it'd be useful if you could use write methods without the required Stack Apps post so ...
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How to quickly retag a question from the API?

I'm playing with the write API, and I'd like to simply retag a question. This is the code I have so far: $editURL = '' . $question->{"question_id"} . '/...
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How to get write_access to comment/answer on Stack Exchange

I'm trying to integrate the Stack Exchange API into my web app so I can fetch all posts as well as I can post answer or comments on them. I have successfully got access_token for no_expiry and ...
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A step by step approach for posting questions and answers?

I am trying to learn a step by step approach for posting questions and answers on using the Stack Exchange API. Could someone help me with this?
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Error calling Stack Overflow Teams API using Python requests library

I'm trying to call a PUT/DELETE request using the Stack Overflow Teams API in Python, but I'm encountering errors. As an FYI, I have a working PAT that allows me to make get requests for articles and ...
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