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Microsoft's "Universal Windows Platform" (UWP) for app development.

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Stack 10 - UWP App for Windows 10 & Windows 10 Phone

Update Stack 10 is now V 19.5.25 with new fluent design and few bug fixes. Screenshots will be updated shortly. About Stack 10 is a UWP Stack Exchange client for Stack Exchange Network. Some of ...
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Pyle: A Stack Exchange client for UWP (Beta)

Currently under development, in open beta on the Store. If you'd like an invitation to the Slack beta-testers team for quicker and more direct communication, just let me know.
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UWP Stack Exchange App

A Universal Windows App for the Stack Exchange network. Not ready for use, but listing it here so I can test write access. UPDATE: I'm beginning to put the app into a very gradual closed beta. Let me ...
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The Authentication Problem of WebAuthenticationBroker Class in .NET 4.6

I have a problem when you test the Stack Exchange Authentication API to WebAuthenticationBroker. If you proceed with authentication, such as screenshots it will continue to appear only in progress. . ...
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