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For questions about creating or understanding the URLs used to call the Stack Exchange API or OAuth end-points

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What is the syntax for specifying parameters?

How do I specify a parameter in the URL? works as expected. Then I would like to pass parameter body with a value of true (that is available according to ...
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Will URLs always follow this pattern?

Many of the API endpoints return urls, such as /questions/{id} (which returns urls for question_timeline_url, question_comments_url, etc). However, the URL returned is a relative URL, like /questions/...
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In lieu of write access, can a user be referred to a site with title and tags in the URL?

For an app I'm working on, I'd like to refer users to Stack Overflow instead of providing an "Ask a Question" interface. Users will enter their question and I'll be using the similar API to suggest ...
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"Could not parse uri [redirect_uri]" when trying to authenticate

I was just reading into this API and wanted to test it out before I would use it in a project. I have added an application on this site and got all of the keys. When I try to authenticate a user with ...
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Is question_id unique across all stackexchange sites?

The standard structure of a question URL is: Example: It is ...
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what is the url for a *.stackexchange site's api?

from my understanding, the documentation suggests that we can use the api against any current *.stackexchange website what would be the url for the api for one of these ? e.g. mysite.stackexchange....
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