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For questions about words/terms that are specific to the Stack Exchange API.

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What's the relation between access_token, key, quota_max, and throttling?

From How API Keys Work (FAQ) I read that the limit of requests per day per IP is 300 without a registered key, or 10000 with it. And this is what I see by experimenting myself: since I've not ...
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Are "api-key" and "app-key" the same thing?

When tagging my last couple of questions about registering for a key, I noticed there are two similar-looking tags: api-key - 35 uses and a tag wiki app-key - 10 uses (Update: retagged), no ...
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Do the terms "key" and "access_token" refer to the same thing?

I'm trying to get my head around all the limits and throttles but some terminology is confusing me: If an application does not have an access_token, then the application shares an IP based quota ...
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