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Use for the Stylus or Stylish browser extensions. These customize the appearance of web-pages that you browse. That is, Stylish lets you "Theme" or "Skin" pages you visit by allowing you to overwrite CSS styles.

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Remove chat room description and tags

Chat room description and tags may only be useful a first couple of times you come by a chat room. After that, they are just wasting space. To hide them from the view, you can install the following…

Minimize chat input area − remove links and site logo, no auto width

Chat input area background takes up all the horizontal space it can get. It's time to stop this greedy nonsense! This script removes the width:auto rule and hides the site's logo and links at the r…

Simplify Community Bulletin widget

This Stylish script: Hides the recently added bold category titles; Removes post vote counts; Reduces space used by widget. @namespace url(; @-moz-document domain…

Title Case All Question Titles Everywhere!

Because some like it like that: @namespace url(; @-moz-document regexp("*||||||…