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stack.PHP is a PHP wrapper for the StackExchange API created by George Edison.

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trying to query answers for a question using the stack.php

I am trying to query stackoverflow and route it to my website via the following <?php require_once './stackphp_source_0.4/src/api.php'; require_once './includes/function.php'; // Begin by getting ...
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OBSOLETE - StackCenter - your one-stop app for everything Stack Exchange

OBSOLETE: The site and app have been down for years. Update: StackCenter has been completely rewritten to use Soapi.JS2. I have also made some changes to the UI. Screenshot About StackCenter is a ...
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OBSOLETE - StackImage - Generating Images of Questions and Users [Now with Global Flair!]

RIP June 23, 2010 - July 4, 2013 All of the features that StackImage provides are either available with the built-in flair on each Stack Exchange site or provided by StackImage's successor: ...
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Stack.PHP - Powerful and Extensive Library for Accessing the Stack Exchange API - Including Full Support for v2.0.

Don't know where to start? Begin by checking out the Stack.PHP website. Then head over here for a quick tutorial on setting up and using Stack.PHP. About Why you should use Stack.PHP: Stack....
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How do I make sure my access_token gets passed?

I am authenticating via the explicit method, but I still get a 502 throttling error. Is my key not getting passed? Do I need to pass the access_token with the request? if so. How do I do that. I am ...
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StackStatus - Monitor the status of the Stack Exchange API

Note: This service is temporarily offline. The original version was having some problems, and I am also migrating a number of tools from PHP to Python - so expect to see this tool come back to ...
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Handling working of PHP API key on webpage

I'm building a phpapi and in this api will be giving my clients API key generated for each client. So basically my client will be sending client id, his personal data(to be stored in DB) & an ...
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How to limit the number of responses in Stack.PHP?

How do I limit the number of results provided by Stack.PHP (a library wrapper over the Stackexchange API)? For example, how do I get the first 50 questions tagged with a keyword? The query I ...
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Stack.PHP does not seem to work on sites that are sub-domains of

The documentation explains to crate objects using the site's url minus the TLD which appears to work fine. $service = new Post_Exchange('gamedev', null, 0); returns what appears to be a valid object ...