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Questions about whether userscripts ([script] tag) with certain functionality exist. Some members of the community may react to these questions by creating those userscripts, should they not exist.

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Request for user script to show/estimate moderator candidate scores from the time the user nominated in the election

I'd like a user script that, on moderator election pages, queries the API for user's candidate scores at the time they nominated in the election in question. Election pages, including historical ...
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Userscript to flag deleted posts for moderator attention with <10K reputation

I noticed that while the system blocks you from viewing deleted posts unless you have moderator tools privilege, the system will not block you from flagging them. The only flag available for deleted ...
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Show when user is online

I apologize if this already exist, but i could not find it. My question is, is there a real-time display next to the user question if that user is still on line or not. Something like this (green ...
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Script to keep mobile-view active

As you probably know SE is moving to the responsive view on there website meaning everything will look like the desktop kinda. Same with mobile devices. I’m new to SE for about 20 days, and I like the ...
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Show statistics of my community ads, on all sites

In January I posted community ads to various sites I belong to. From time to time I want to see how they perform, so for each site I craft the display URL manually and launch it in a browser: http://...
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Is there a userscript to mark lq/rq/cb/whatever links visited?

A lot of times I notice a link in Hot Network Questions, or Linked Questions, or Related Questions, or the regular question list, that looks familiar but isn't marked as visited in my browser. Usually ...
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A script to freely re-assign/remap/rebind the Stack Exchange hotkeys

the original Stack Exchange announcement from 2014 At least the hyperlink Ctrl + L and code Ctrl + K shortcuts go against the common web standards — in combination with the SE editor not behaving ...
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App to keep notes on users

Is there an app around that makes notes on users? Really all I am after is a flag to say - "Warning, this user is obnoxious, avoid arguments" EDIT It could just colour coding, like red for avoid, ...
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Script to set the default image description text?

Stack Exchange sets enter image description here as the default description — this is mainly useful for new users who may not know that the title can be modified. I'm looking for a script to ...
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A way to copy text on this forum to preserve math symbols?

Is there any way to copy html-text containing Mathjax symbols from this forum's threads and paste it into a word processor (I use Libre office Writer) to preserve nicely looking math symbols? The ...
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Bounty question collector

I want to write a script to collate all bounty questions from all Stack Exchange sites. I have heard of Tampermonkey and I have no server access. Could someone explain how I should go about writing a ...
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